Bicycle Cellar

The bicycle cellar of WH36 is located in the basement of the A/B block (next to the laundry room). There are plenty of bike racks.

You can also pump up your bike there.

In the bicycle cellar, the doors, as well as the windows, should always be closed, because in Karlsruhe bicycles are often stolen.

The Studentenwerk also offers bicycle boxes for 4€ per month. You can find them in the courtyard next to the table tennis table. If you are interested, please contact the janitor.

It is still possible to use the bike racks in front of the building, but you should chain your bike to non-mobile objects, preferably both the frame and at least one of the wheels. Incidentally, this also applies to the whole of Karlsruhe.

TIP: Take photos of your bikes and file a report if your bike gets lost, only then the city and the police can assess the situation correctly and also initiate appropriate measures.